psychomaniaA 100% awesome biker flick from the early 70’s, replete with a merciless gang of teenage zombie bikers, some kind of weird super-undead frog with mythical powers, and a truly great early-Sabbath-esque soundtrack that’s used to fantastic effect. I threw this one on just yesterday after a customer returned it, and was blown away. The premise is essentially that this group of bikers have figured out a way to cheat death, wherein – upon dying – they are reborn immortal. In order to achieve said immortality, all they have to do is believe that, at the moment of their death, they are not truly going die. Amazing. As you might imagine, this makes for some pretty fantastic suicide scenes, a couple of which are weirdly poignant. No pussyfooting here: the gang all wear leather jackets emblazoned with “The Living Dead” on their backs. They drive through brick walls and terrorize a grocery store. One of them even drives his hog out of his own grave. Highly recommended.

Watch the opening below, and dig the music:

    • emily steffian
    • June 30th, 2009

    Ralph…. awesome job! I see why you having so much fun. Really, this is great, and will only get better.


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