at last…

quantumsolaceposter21A few new titles on the shelves today…

Quantum Of Solace: The 22nd (official) James Bond flick. A small confession: I haven’t seen either of Daniel Craig‘s turns as 007 (the other being the franchise’s supposed return to form, Casino Royale. I’m remedying the situation as we speak… and honestly, is that Chris Cornell singing the theme? Yikes.)

Cadillac Records: This one was semi-decent! Basically the story of the birth of Chess Records – Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Etta James etc. Not too maudlin (but yeah, a little…) and some solid performances from Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright and Eamonn Walker. Even Beyoncé Knowles was pretty good, pretty much nailing Etta James. (Mos Def as Chuck Berry did not work, however.)

Twilight: The inevitable movie adaptation of the tween-sensation vampire novel(s). Someone other than me should be writing about this one, as there is very little chance I will ever see it. But a lot of people, evidently, are way into it.

Gardens Of The Night: Haven’t seen this one either, but it sounds interesting. The story is that of two street-kids, both of whom were abducted as children, and now have fallen in together and are trying to figure out how to have a real relationship in the face of their horrific past experiences. On my list.

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