Indie Arts Fest 2009 Acme Video Showcase

lostskeletonofcadavraSaturday July 18th is Indie Arts Fest downtown if you don’t know already, and in the evening, hopefully after a nice sunny day, Acme will be presenting 2 films projected outside at the Tazza Caffe. Come by around 8:00 or so, showtime is around 8:30, running til midnight. This year we have a Sci-Fi/Lo-Fi theme, and will kick it off with a spoof of 50’s/60’s sci fi called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra by Larry Blamire. Nearly a classic now in it’s own right, this tackles every cliche of the era and is super entertaining and well done.

American-AstronautNext up will be a lo-fi indie feature called The American Astronautlost-skeleton-c by Cory McAbee. With a grainy home-made look, recognizably junky sets, wacky space-western storyline and a few rock ‘n roll set-pieces, it also is an indie classic. Both films are in black and white, and will look great outside. See you there!

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