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Acme Sponsored Screenings at E & O

e&oBeginning this month on Wednesday nights at the E & O Tap, 289 Knight St. on the west side, Acme will be sponsoring Double Feature screenings presented by Liz Lemon! Films will range from the highest of brow to the lowest of trash. Coming up in December, various films of Nicolas Cage will be the focus to coincide with the release of the new Werner Herzog film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans! See links for more info.


Indie Arts Fest 2009 Acme Video Showcase

lostskeletonofcadavraSaturday July 18th is Indie Arts Fest downtown if you don’t know already, and in the evening, hopefully after a nice sunny day, Acme will be presenting 2 films projected outside at the Tazza Caffe. Come by around 8:00 or so, showtime is around 8:30, running til midnight. This year we have a Sci-Fi/Lo-Fi theme, and will kick it off with a spoof of 50’s/60’s sci fi called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra by Larry Blamire. Nearly a classic now in it’s own right, this tackles every cliche of the era and is super entertaining and well done.

American-AstronautNext up will be a lo-fi indie feature called The American Astronautlost-skeleton-c by Cory McAbee. With a grainy home-made look, recognizably junky sets, wacky space-western storyline and a few rock ‘n roll set-pieces, it also is an indie classic. Both films are in black and white, and will look great outside. See you there!