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2 Amazing Music Videos

And now for something completely different.

I’m generally not a huge music video guy, but these two seemed more than worth pointing out. The first is a video for the single off Bob Dylan’s new Christmas album, Christmas In The Heart, “Must Be Santa”. Before you get all up in arms about Dylan putting out a Christmas album, consider: (1) all the profits are going to charity, (2) Dylan’s run through of “Must Be Santa” is an uproarious, semi-drunken romp that pretty much blows away everything on Together Through Life, at least performance-wise, and (3) the video for the tune, directed by Nash Edgerton, is actually just as much fun as the song itself, a party you will really wish you could’ve gone to.

The second is a video for a tune off the forthcoming Beck/Charlotte Gainsbourg album, IRM, called “Heaven Can Wait.” This baby is even more loco than the Dylan clip, an awesomely Dadaist entry into Beck’s video canon — the best of which are already pretty out there. Seeing Charlotte Gainsbourg holding a baby in a giant hotdog suit makes me love her that much more. Directed by Keith Schofield.