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World Cinema – Coen Brothers’ Short Film

Back in 2007, an anthology of three-minute short films, called Chacun son cinéma, was commissioned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. A number of big-name directors — Lars Von Trier, David Lynch, Gus Van Sant — participated, and many of their contributions were collected on the Chacun son cinéma DVD. Notably absent, however, was the Coen Brothers’ contribution, titled World Cinema, and staring Josh Brolin. Of course, today’s world being what it is, a film like that wasn’t going to sit in some studio storage closet for very long; you can now view it embedded below on the Acme Video Blog. Remember, this was the same year that the Coens’ No Country For Old Men was released (which, to my mind, still holds up as a remarkable return to form for them), and Josh Brolin doesn’t seem to have strayed too far from that movie’s Llewelyn Moss for this turn in World Cinema. Also, dig the shout-out to Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan and his (stunning) film Climates — I’ll have a post on him up sometime next week. Enjoy.


also just in: Milk

milk_movie_poster1Just realized we’ve got Gus Van Sant‘s Milk on our shelves. Very much worth your time if you haven’t seen it – a bit mawkish at times, but overall a very well-done telling of the story. And superbly acted on all fronts; the cast is pretty incredible.

n.b.: Gus Van Sant also directed the fairly-recently-released Paranoid Park. That movie didn’t get as much attention as Milk, though in many ways it’s probably a superior piece of filmmaking. Fans of Van Sant’s Elephant, Gerry, or Last Days should definitely take note of this one.